2008 News Archive

ATO targets multinationals over transfers of IP rights ,25-Jan-2008 >

Significant Patent Law change in Europe in effect from 13 December 2007 ,31-Jan-2008 >

Evidence of Commercial Success – Making an Inventive Step Easier to Find ,04-Feb-2008 >

Reminder: Change to period for renewal of Australian trade marks ,11-Feb-2008 >

New brochure on patent issues for researchers published by the EPO and the European Commission ,18-Feb-2008 >

Watermark announced as finalist in BRW Client Choice Awards ,19-Feb-2008 >

US to reconsider business method patents ,26-Feb-2008 >

Recent UK Developments in the Patentability of Software Implemented Inventions ,11-Mar-2008 >

Increased patent fees in Europe ,12-Mar-2008 >

Watermark announced as top patent and trade mark firm in the BRW Client Choice Awards 2008 ,14-Mar-2008 >

Patent Prosecution Highway to be extended to cover International Applications ,17-Mar-2008 >

Australia’s Innovation System ,31-Mar-2008 >

Accelerated Examination of Australian and US applications with the Pilot Patent Prosecution Highway ,09-Apr-2008 >

New Written Description Training Materials Released by the USPTO ,01-May-2008 >

Cutting the Costs of Patent Translations in Europe ,12-May-2008 >

Calling WA Inventors and Innovators! ,19-May-2008 >

Commercial Ready Programs Scrapped ,26-May-2008 >

National Business Name Initiative ,02-Jun-2008 >

New Official Search System for Australian Patent Information ,16-Jun-2008 >

Dealing with China? You really should read this. ,18-Jun-2008 >

Watermark Supports Major Victorian Art Competition ,19-Jun-2008 >

Trade mark snippets from around the world ,20-Jun-2008 >

US Supreme Court broadens doctrine of “patent exhaustion” in patent licensing ,26-Jun-2008 >

New Regulations governing the Patent & Trade Mark Attorney profession in Australia,29-Jun-2008 >

Full Federal Court upholds finding of False Suggestion or Misrepresentation ,30-Jun-2008 >

Dr Francis Gurry Nominated as Next Director General of WIPO ,01-Jul-2008 >

Watermark Principal Karen Sinclair becomes a member of FICPI’s commission CET Group 10. ,17-Jul-2008 >

eBay Not Liable for Counterfeit Goods ,18-Jul-2008 >

Owning IP In The Academic Sector – New Issues ,21-Jul-2008 >

Biota receives $20 million in Relenza settlement with GlaxoSmithKline ,25-Jul-2008 >

Brilliant West Week ,04-Aug-2008 >

Report of the Review of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program Released ,06-Aug-2008 >

What Constitutes An Innovative Step? ,28-Aug-2008 >

PCT - choice of Search Authority for Australian applicants ,08-Sep-2008 >

High Court rules on Franchising Code,15-Sep-2008 >

Patentable Subject Matter ,22-Sep-2008 >

Climate Change Opportunity ,29-Sep-2008 >

Do Australian Patents have Extra-Territorial Reach? ,06-Oct-2008 >

Senior Counsel ,15-Oct-2008 >

Contributory Infringement – Seeing the wood from the trees ,20-Oct-2008 >

Implementing the Cutler Review recommendations in the current economic climate ,23-Oct-2008 >

Australian Patent office announces quandary ,27-Oct-2008 >

Patent Growth in Australia Stalls ,17-Nov-2008 >

Does Australia Need a Bayh-Dole Act? ,18-Nov-2008 >

Australian Designs: meaning of “informed user” considered by Federal Court ,01-Dec-2008 >

Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry Into Gene Patents,08-Dec-2008 >