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Changes to Pharmaceutical Extension of Term application procedures the latest front in the battle for savings in Australia’s healthcare budget,26-Apr-2017 >

Watermark Legal Professional Directors, Joy Atacador and Peter Hallett Recognised as Australia’s Best Lawyers, 2017,07-Apr-2017 >

Anatomics Pty Ltd selected as one of the 20 High Potential Businesses of Tomorrow 2017 by Westpac,07-Apr-2017 >

No time machine available for claiming relief for infringement of an Innovation Patent,07-Apr-2017 >

No Rock Tables nabs prestigious international design award,07-Apr-2017 >

Brexit process triggered – how will it affect IP in UK and Europe?,30-Mar-2017 >

Congratulations to our newest Patent and Trade Marks Attorney, Dr Renee White, who registered on 23 March 2017,29-Mar-2017 >

Watermark helping link digital entrepreneurs with inspirational leaders,14-Mar-2017 >

Secure Food Labelling Brand for Australian Products,08-Mar-2017 >

Watermark partners with STEMM Central for a Masterclass,06-Mar-2017 >