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IT innovation.

We’re in touch with technology

Innovation in the Electrical, Communications and IT sector moves at such a rapid pace that you risk obsolescence without a highly qualified team on you side who are totally up-to-date with the latest technical and industry developments. Whether your business deals in milliamps or megawatts, microchips or gigahertz, terabits or single-clicks, our dedicated team of attorneys with expertise in the electrical, communications and IT fields is sure to speak your language. Our in-house training and information-sharing, external education and industry interaction programs keep our staff on the bleeding edge of technology, industry and legal developments in Australia and throughout the world. In this ever-changing IP landscape, laws governing the applicable forms of protection for new technology and business models, and especially the availability of patent rights, are constantly evolving and vary considerably throughout different jurisdictions. If you’re operating globally, you need a team with a global view to provide you with the essential strategic advice to successfully navigate the shifting sands of technical and legal innovation.

We’ve got our fingers on the pulse in many areas of the Electrical, Communications and IT sector including:

  • telecommunications systems and services
  • electrical and electronic systems, devices and products
  • power generation, distribution and control systems
  • microelectronic and microwave devices, structures and fabrication techniques
  • resonant imaging technologies, including MRI, NMR and NQR
  • digital signal processing (DSP)
  • optical and photonic technologies
  • information technology
  • software
  • internet technologies
  • e-commerce
  • advanced business processes
  • domain names

Does that make us sound like geeks? You bet! We’re alpha geeks, and you need us on your team!

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