Protecting biotechnology.

Living technology, thriving assets

The challenges of managing your Intellectual assets in the biotechnology sector are often compounded by issues of ownership and contractual complications. In an industry that sees more than its share of successful start-ups moving on to sell or license technology it is even more important to manage your portfolio properly to derive maximum value and avoid messy ownership disputes.

We have the right people to manage all aspects of your intellectual asset portfolio in biotech. You need attorneys with an astute understanding of your technology, IP lawyers with a good grasp of licensing, contracts and technology transfer and you need IP administrators to help you sort out what you’ve got and who owns it, to understand your competitive landscape and to formulate a strategy to derive value from your intellectual asset portfolio.

We’re working in many areas of biotechnology including:

  • genetically modified foods
  • genetically modified plants
  • stem cell biology
  • immunology
  • neurological testing methods and apparatus
  • methods of selection of animal traits
  • functional foods/neutraceuticals
  • vaccines, vaccine vectors and vaccine delivery
  • gene therapy
  • bioprocessing - small or large scale
  • fermentation
  • gene expression and genetic engineering
  • humanised antibodies
  • transgenic animals
  • diagnostic methods
  • improved animal health
  • enzyme technology
  • gene silencing
  • microarray technology
  • biodegradable products
  • adjuvant technology
  • drug development and drug delivery
  • bacteriophage therapy
  • bioinformatics
  • medical diagnostics
  • transgenic plants and animals
  • biosensors
  • cellular signalling
  • molecular biology

With the right advice your future looks very bright.

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