Competitive business intelligence.

Knowing what your competitors are up to is vital to good intellectual asset management.

Every company needs a competitive intelligence program to give management the information and analysis they need to make executive decisions. And intellectual property information gives great competitor intelligence.

Your competitor’s patenting information tells you the direction of their future technology development. Their trade marks give you a feel for brand and product development.

Our in-house search group supports both defensive and proactive IP management strategies. We are skilled in all types of searching including patent landscape, freedom to operate, patentability, novelty, avoidance, IP monitoring and competitive assessment. Our state of the art systems and highly trained staff allow us to map current developments in your technological landscape and to identify market gaps and opportunities in line with your business strategy.

Watermark has access to the highest level of patent information in Australia via access to IP Australia and Thomson Innovation. Thomson Innovation™ has a comprehensive collection of patent data, from major patent authorities, specific nations and proprietary sources exclusive to Thomson Reuters. Coverage includes all major patent authorities (United States, WIPO, Europe (GB, DE, FR), Derwent (DWPI), Asia (CN, JP, KR) and INPADOC (covers an additional 60+ countries including Australia and New Zealand). Non patent literature is also searchable via Thomson Innovation.

Thomson Innovation’s™ analysis functionality also includes ThemeScape Maps and patent citation trees. ThemeScape maps transform a complex set of patent and non-patent documents into a hierarchy of common themes and display them in a visual two-dimensional landscape for review, so you can spot predominant concepts and pinpoint areas of opportunity and risk. A Citation Map displays all backward and forward references for your record in an interactive graphical map, allowing you to trace the evolution or dependencies of technology through time.

Watermark’s dedicated Information Services team works in conjunction with you and our attorneys to make sure you know exactly what’s going on out there. They say knowledge gives power. Watermark puts the power in your hands.

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