Fresh thinking.

We’re good at protecting innovation and defending intellectual property. It’s what we do. But we do it with a broader picture in mind. Your picture. Your landscape. Your business.

And because we take this approach, everything we do is considered in the context of your business and what you want to achieve.

Every patent specification we draft, every trade mark application we lodge and every design we register, we’re thinking about how it will bring value to your organisation.

Every opposition we run and every litigation matter we consider, we’re thinking about how it will affect your position in the marketplace and how it ties in with the aims of your business. Every agreement we draft and every licence we negotiate we’re thinking about how it gives you the edge over your competitors.

We encourage you to look beyond protection and apply Fresh Thinking in the management of your intellectual assets as an integral part of your business strategy. Applying fresh thinking to create business value is our primary aim. Please click the menu for a few examples of businesses where we have helped unlock their hidden value.

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