Intellectual assets work a lot more effectively if they’re aligned to your business strategy.

Many organisations let their intellectual assets run along as a separate unit with no real connection to the commercial activities of the rest of the business. It makes sense to have all areas of your business geared to achieve the same objectives and your intellectual assets are no exception. We’ll help you to bring your intellectual asset management in to line with the rest of your business. Make your intellectual assets work hard for their keep.

Your R&D department will appreciate a focus for their innovation and can spend their time more productively. Your accountant will thank you when you start making serious money by selling or licensing out non-core intellectual property. And your marketing department will be over the moon when your brand is strengthened by a coordinated set of products or services with a common thread.

We start with an audit.

Once we know your business strategy, we work with you to identify which assets to keep and protect, which assets to sell and which assets to license out. Just as importantly, we look at the innovation landscape in your market and identify opportunities for future development and growth.

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