IP portfolio management.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of IP

The importance of knowing the nature, the status and the extent of your intellectual assets is often underestimated. But astute IP portfolio management drives better decision making and a greater understanding of the magnitude of your assets, the holes in your portfolio and your rights and obligations.

With a full knowledge of your portfolio, you can increase your bottom line. How?

  • Firstly, you can identify non-strategic IP; those not aligned to your business objectives. You can choose to sell them or licence them to increase your revenue stream.
  • You can increase the quality and strategic business alignment of your future R&D and patent filings.
  • Redundant trademarks can be lapsed saving unnecessary renewal fees.
  • IP valuation estimates will be more accurate and prepared with much less time and effort increasing the value of your portfolio and streamlining decision making processes and budgeting.

We make portfolio management easy. We can conduct audits of your IP and consolidate the information into our flexible processing and reporting structures.

We also offer our clients access to details of their intellectual property portfolio at any time directly from our Patricia® database via Waterlink™, our internet-based secure online portfolio reporting system.

Our WaterlinkTM service allows you to:

  • manage your IP portfolio effectively, immediately and easily;
  • check the status of your IP;
  • sort cases by family, order of filing, IP type or alphabetically;
  • monitor due dates and renewals; and
  • generate reports at your convenience.

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