IP Strategy Development.

Enabling your innovation to deliver

Creating an IP strategy for your organisation can be a complex matter. You need to recognise that there are many stakeholders in your organisation who want different things from your strategy and you need to make sure that you deliver on all of them.

For example, your R&D department wants to know what will be patentable and what inventions will solve existing problems in their technological area. They want the IP strategy to deliver them information to drive their activity in the right direction.

Your product managers might be focussed on what inventions will be necessary to keep their product range relevant. They want information about market trends in technology.

Your management team might look for the strategy to deliver on key goals and measures for their technology and your Business Development team might look for licensing opportunities and ways to leverage the organisation’s IP in joint venture agreements or innovation launches.

Your Chief Technical Officer might think about the IP strategy as it relates to major technology changes and the competitive landscape and your marketing and commercialisation people need to think about branding strategy as well as maximising your organisation’s freedom to operate in the marketplace.

Talk to us about developing a strategy that can deliver the right information and analysis that allows everyone to do their job more effectively. Because that’s got to be good for your bottom line.

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