Not just a monopoly, a strategic tool

What is a Patent?

A patent provides a monopoly right for a limited period to prevent others from using, selling, making or otherwise exploiting an invention.

The monopoly right is granted in exchange for disclosure to the public and industry of the technological developments described within the patent. Click here for more information about the patenting process in Australia.

Why should you patent?

Patenting of an invention can provide a commercial advantage over likely competitors. Without a patent you are powerless to prevent others from using your invention which is reason enough on its own to patent.

It is also important to remember that a patent is an intangible asset and that its value is included in the value of your organisation. Patenting turns an idea into a commercially viable asset and restricts your competitors’ ability to operate in your market space. It can generate revenues from use, license or sale and gives your organisation and your product range credibility.

Where can Watermark help me to get a patent?

The Watermark team gives you expert advice and assistance on all intellectual property matters in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. We maintain a network of international associates (patent and trade mark attorneys and IP lawyers), which enables us to provide clients with access to intellectual property protection, advice and local knowledge in markets world-wide.

We keep an up-to-date register of overseas expertise and technical specialisation, which allows us to select the most appropriate representation in each country for clients’ specific needs. The register is regularly reviewed in relation to quality and cost of advice received. In this way, we ensure that our clients obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective advice in all countries of interest.

Where do I start?

Any good patenting strategy starts with your Watermark patent attorney. We can help you with searching to ascertain existing or prior art in your field and to establish whether you are free to operate and we establish patentability. We talk to you to ensure that the protection we seek fits into your business strategy. We identify the ideal scope of protection you should seek to give you the best coverage and rights to your innovation and then we draft a patent specification to best meet your needs.

How much will it cost?

Patenting can be a costly exercise, but not nearly as costly as not patenting. 

Do I need the full treatment? My innovation will have a fairly short shelf life

We’ll talk to you about the best protection. Perhaps you can rely on a cheaper Innovation Patent or maybe you can rely on trade secret agreements to cover yourself.

Watermark has the right people to help you in all areas of industry and endeavour. See the Our People section for the right attorney in your field.

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