Protection is just part of the picture.

IAM: fully protected

Protecting intellectual assets is a major part of our business. We’ll advise you on the best form of protection for all your assets. From patents and trade marks to designs and plant breeders’ rights, we’ll make sure your rights are as safe as houses. We’ll advise you when you can rely on non-registrable rights like trade secrets and copyright and we’ll put the right employer contracts in place to make sure your processes stay with you. As a defensive strategy, protection is paramount, but there’s so much more your assets can do for you.

IAM: being proactive

Owning a profitable IA portfolio can be hard work but the rewards are high. We’ll advise you on:

  • Establishing and maintaining an inventory of all intellectual assets detailing their status and value to your company
  • Monitoring and evaluating competitor activity
  • Identifying market opportunities through technology mapping and monitoring.
  • Aligning your R&D with market information and opportunities
  • Evaluating your intellectual assets in relation to your business strategy
  • Use of patenting strategies to maximise IP terms and productivity
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