Trade marks.

The building blocks of every good brand strategy

Every strong brand is underpinned by a well thought out trade mark protection strategy.

Trade marks could include logos, names, tag lines or packaging. Anything that is a recognisable symbol of your brand and your business. Any part of your good name and reputation that you don’t want your competition to copy.

First, Watermark talks to you to make sure that what you are doing will fit in with your branding strategy. Is your proposed mark sufficient or will some strategic filing of similar marks keep your competition even further from your trading space. Are you filing in the right geographical locations and do you need to extend the number of classes in which you are considering filing.

The next step is a search. Does it already exist, what else is there that is close and are you free to use it? Read more about the importance of trade mark searching and watching here.

Then you need advice on what you can register and how far your cover can extend. You need to register it in as many jurisdictions where you think you might like to trade on your brand, whether it is to be used directly or by licensing to third parties. Read more about trade mark protection here.

Watermark is also able to assist you with trade mark protection overseas either via the Madrid Protocol or in individual countries. Read more information on the Madrid Protocol here.

If you are looking to file in Australia from overseas via the Madrid Protocol, we can help you with that too. Click here.

How can we help you in the trade marks area? We do searching for availability, Australian and New Zealand trade marks applications, licensing ,assignments, renewals infringement watches, competitor watches and overseas filings. We provide infringement advice and enforcement and advice on fitting trade mark protection into your branding strategy.

If you want trade mark protection that supports your branding strategy, talk to Watermark.

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