David Mumford

In keeping with his engineering background, David thrives on problem solving. The combination of his qualifications and experience in engineering and accounting provides an invaluable platform to understanding multiple facets of a client’s project, from its technical merits to its path to commercialisation.

David thoroughly enjoys delving into the technicalities of a new project and assisting clients in the uptake of the R&D tax incentive. The process of collating robust claim substantiation and guiding clients through the auditing process gives him a great sense of satisfaction.

Title: Associate Director, Watermark Advisory Services

Qualifications: Bachelor of Technology (Optoelectronics), Masters in Accounting, Certified Practising Accountant, Registered Tax Agent

His extensive experience working with Big Four firms in Australia and Asia includes assisting multinationals across a broad range of industries to obtain funding for innovation projects they would otherwise not have been able to access. David’s working knowledge of tax regimes in Singapore, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea gives him a unique insight into companies doing business in Asia.

‘It’s incredibly satisfying to see innovative companies benefit from the opportunity of furthering their R&D activities. My clients can expect value and in depth understand of their business operations. My goal is to assist claimant entities in the uptake of the R&D tax incentive, collate robust claim substantiation and provide guidance in the event of an audit. I enjoy seeing entities achieve funding to further their R&D activities and to undertake projects that, without the R&D funding, would not have been able to proceed.’

d.mumford@watermark.com.au {tag_career highlights link}
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