Anatomics Pty Ltd selected as one of the 20 High Potential Businesses of Tomorrow 2017 by Westpac


Watermark client Anatomics Pty Ltd has been selected as one of the 20 High Potential Businesses of Tomorrow 2017 by Westpac.

David Lindberg, Chief Executive, Business Bank, Westpac Group stated ‘in our 200th year, Westpac Business Bank is proud to recognise the next generation of Australian businesses, through the purpose-built businesses of tomorrow’. He went on to say ‘Each of the 200 businesses recognised have demonstrated the clarity of vision, strength of character and excellence in capability to shape Australia’s future’.

Anatomics manufactures bespoke, surgical implants, prosthetics and other devices and tools, using processes such as 3D printing.

We congratulate Anatomics on this outstanding achievement.

By Dr Grant Jacobsen
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